Goodbye for awhile to digital.
Say hello to the reality.

Let's Ditox!

The New Way of Digital Detox

Ditox is a mobile application that motivates users to be independent by spending less time on smartphones and help them find healthier digital habits. It was produced in hopes to provide heavy smartphone users a rest/break from smart devices.

Smartphone addiction is a social problem

Smartphones make our life convenient and we cannot imagine the world without smart devices anymore. However, we often spend too much time on smartphone with no purpose. We may miss any important moments while we are wasting time on looking at screen, and it may cause conversational breakdown with other people.

Don't waste too much time on screen

There are already non-digital ways for digital detox such as the phone stacking game or detox camp in the mountain. However, non-digital ways have limitations when it comes to interactivity and innovation. How might we put this solution into action with digital technology? Ditox started with this idea and this is why it comes to mobile application.

Ditox helps your better digital habits

There are many ways to spend your time without smartphones such as studying, reading a book, having coffee time, face-to-face conversation with your friends, working out, and focusing on your projects. Sometimes, it's good for you to leave your smartphone for a while and do something that makes you more decent. Life is short, and we should respect every moment of it.

How it works

You can easily take your own time by putting down your smartphone and find any meaningful things that you can do without devices.

Start Ditox

Download and launch Ditox, then dive into the new way of digital detox.

Leave it alone

Put down your smartphone on the table while Ditox time is counting. Ditox will show you a warning screen if your phone is unstable.

Find your way

There are tons of things you can do without smartphone such as working on your study or having conversations with your neighbors.

Get rewards

As much time you do Ditox, you’ll be rewarded for your effort of digital detox. Rewards can be used in actual stores. (Reward system will be coming soon)

Ditox Zone

Explore Ditox Zone where you can take a break from smartphones.

Learn more

Ditox for Watch

Use your Apple Watch for Ditox! Once your iPhone is connected to Apple Watch, your digital detox will start from your wrist. Tap start button and put down your smart phone. Without looking at smartphone screen, you can check how long you're in Ditox life. Start Ditox to reach out in one of the new ways only Apple Watch makes possible.

Coming soon for Apple Watch. Stay tuned.


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